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Data Model Automation

Android MySQL Bridge

If you’re trying to hookup Android to MySQL, you’ve come to the right place. We take your database schema or other server model artifacts and generate both Android and IOS objects. These objects then become the client’s interface to your backend — thereby extending the object-relational paradigm to the mobile coder. This is all possible via our open source server that forms a “bridge” between your clients and your server model or database. The server also comes with a GUI that allows you to manage the relationship between your client models and your server model.

Android-SQLite Alternative

Instead of integrating Android with SQLite, use Splicer instead to get direct access to your server model. Splicer connects your relational database to mobile clients by generating both Android and IOS data objects from your existing schema. These client “DAO” objects become the app’s interface to your backend. During run-time, Splicer extracts data objects directly from your database or your server-side model layer and delivers them across the network to your mobile apps.

Android MVC Design

Android MVC Design
I found a good reference for Android MVC design (“Programming Android”) which states that the Adapters loosely serve as the Controller. For the Model layer, we propose that the data model should be flexible and ideally controlled from a single file. Hence we generate the pojos for the smartphones from the model descriptor in such a way that the model code is independent, and does not overlap with manually-written code; our model is “orthogonal” to controller code such that our code generators do not over-write any programmer-written code.

Rationale for an Agile Client-Server Model

Today’s enterprise mobile systems require a client-server architecture where the system model is adaptable or malleable. Splicer is designed for modifying client-server models with ease. Our implementation is explored in our other blog posts, but I thought a bit of background theory might be of interest to some people.