Low Code B2E Web and Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP)

Use the first low code, enterprise mobile stack for application development – including B2E (Business to Employee) apps. Our innovative, open source platform (MADP) is possible because of two novel concepts: Model Maps and Data Model Automation.

The first step in doing low code application development with Splicer is to define your client models. Its actually a very simple process: via the CAM editor, you drag and drop portions of your server’s data structures to define your client subset. And voila, you’ve created your typesafe, client model artifacts. Its that easy! And now that you’ve done this our tools then generate code start accessing data via client DAOs on Android and IOS immediately.

That is how we create our “Model Maps”. Another way to think of the a Model Map is a “data model mapping schema”: it maps client models to server models.

So once we’ve defined our client model schema, we can then leverage Splicer’s data model automation mechanism to generate client models for both web and mobile. Note that on mobile, these models are typesafe, which enables an Agile model because we can readily change the structures.

The most important piece in all of this is automating the creation and updates to our client model artifacts – primarily DAOs. Additionally, Splicer generates React.js and native mobile forms that correlate to our client models. This allows us to do true low code web and mobile application development across all clients. This is especially useful for B2E application development where you could previously only consider proprietary no code services. Splicer gives you a B2E enterprise alternative that can be leveraged by coders and citizen developers alike.

Splicer also generates various forms for prototyping and maintenance. It currently works with most SQL databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle. The server is java and scala-based that is compatible with J2EE. We can host the server for you as a SaaS or you can host yourself using the full runtime source code.

Solving the Model Map problem is the hardest piece, and a new, revolutionary way to do Model-driven development. This breakthrough enables true low code application development. The model automation is really important because integrating mobile clients to the backend consumes 50-80% of our development effort. So as we develop our web apps, let’s also architect for a solid mobile delivery strategy that is not tied to proprietary or SaaS-based systems.

At Splicer, we automate the most complicated pieces – the data models, associated APIs, and Object-Relational fetching. Then we inject the generated models into standard open source stacks. This simple mapping of client objects to relational data slashes over 50% of development costs – a “Hibernate for Mobile” mechanism. And since we provide typesafe, full-stack source code, you benefit from “low code” development efficiencies, without the lock-in of a purely cloud-based MADP. This provides the most effective leverage while allowing your team to continue coding as they normally do. Splicer is a simple and effective way to dramatically increase your productivity without sacrificing control, nor learning a whole new set of development tools.