Javascript-free, Native Mobile Coding for the Enterprise

With Splicer, code your mobile clients natively without javascript. Turns out, you can actually code more productively in a native environment – provided you have the right tools. The reason we have resorted to adding javascript to our Mobile development stack is cross-platform portability, and perceived ease in connecting to backend servers. Unfortunately, this causes all sort of other problems – including increased code stack complexity.

Splicer fixes the majority of these issues by making client data models portable. And they are typesafe, which makes them malleable and Agile – meaning you can change your data model with the least amount of pain. It turns out that we spend most of our time both wrangling with data models, and integrating to the backend. Since Splicer solves this natively, you don’t have to resort to introducing a javascript interpreter into your client development stack. Also, we know of many tools to help you maintain easy cross-platform development, so contact us if you want some advise here. .