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Accelerating Native Mobility

Applying the Content Assembly Mechanism to Mobile

Combine the mobile delivery power of Splicer with the Content Assembly Mechanism (CAM) editor. CAM allows us to create data subsets for mobile clients, and also combine data sources. Splicer is the modern replacement for Open-XDX, which delivered runtime data for CAM designs, but was too heavily focused on the XML format.

The benefits to doing this are many. Splicer allows you to generate client models from database schemas to conveniently integrate relational data into mobile apps. In this way you can leverage your existing model artifacts to your advantage. In essence, it allows you to instantly propagate enterprise data structures to the “edge”.

CAM’s open source GUI can directly generate Model “build” artifacts. This streamline your development process, and allows you to visualize the bridge between various clients and relational data. The GUI illuminates the Model to functional designers for deeper functional definition – reducing team coordination and meetings. Also, CAM allows you to compose models from multiple databases.

Once you’ve defined client models in CAM, your mobile clients access data via typed objects. This enables RAD and prototyping of structured data via our novel Agile Model. Other benefits include:
•   Change the Model with much greater confidence as Model integrity enforced by compilers
•   Simplify coding as client developers access data using standard Object-Oriented methods and focus primarily on View coding
•   Extend data structures to the top of the client-server stack, which eliminates swaths of code and need to collate from multiple APIs
•   Streamline complex client-server integration and payload minimization
•   Support sets of clients via flexible data subset control
•   Code vastly easier to maintain (90% of overall cost)
•   Provide centralized control over distributed development teams
•   Full stack control with development efficiency of low code or hybrid solutions

Finally, Splicer’s Open source, turnkey server creates a bridge to your Model data. This Obviates need to write and maintain a custom server, yet allows you to retain full-stack source code control.